Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

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Research Article

A Comparative Evaluation of Well-known Feature Detectors and Descriptors PDF
Şahin Işık, Kemal Özkan
An Automation System Design for Dough Kneaders and Dosing Machines with Microprocessor Based and 5 Flows PDF
Hasbi Apaydın, Şükrü Kitiş
A Survey of Tensor Factorization Frameworks on Audio Modelling PDF
Unsal Gokdag
Non-linear Analysis of the Electroencephalogram in Alzheimer’s Disease by Means of Symbolic Sequence Decomposition Method PDF
Pinar Deniz Tosun
Fourier-type integral transforms in modeling of transversal oscillation PDF
oleg yaremko, Nataliia Yaremko, Nikita Tyapin
A Survey of Factors Affecting the Successful Implementation of Technology in Teaching PDF
Artan Luma, Besnik Selimi, Satki Ismaili
Variable Impedance Control of a Rehabilitation Robot for Modelling Physiotherapist’s Motions PDF
Baris Can Yalcin, Erhan Akdogan, Celal Sami Tufekci
Investigation of effect of the number of ground control points and distribution on adjustment at WorldView-2 Stereo images PDF
Omer Mutluoglu, Murat Yakar, Haci Murat Yilmaz
Modification Attack Effects on PRNGs: Empirical Studies and Theoretical Proofs PDF
santi indarjani, Kiki A Sugeng, Belawati H Widjaja
Eliminating Electroencephalogram Artefacts Using Independent Component Analysis PDF
Akram Rashid, Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi
The Cost Analysis of an Education Building through Computer-Aided Design according to Different Flooring Systems PDF
Mustafa Altın, Şakir Taşdemir
An Application of Image Processing for Conservation of Natural Life PDF
Ismail Saritas, Ilker Ali Ozkan, Tahir Sag
Scrutiny on the produced spin current in spin circuit considering Nano-magnetic nodes and copper Nano-channel PDF
S. N. Hosseinimotlagh, Sakineh Ghaderi, H. Ghavidelfard
Calculation of Spin Conduction Matrix in Spin Circuit Considering Nano-Magnetic Nodes and Copper Nano-Channel PDF
S. N. Hosseinimotlagh, Sakineh Ghaderi, H. Ghavidelfard
The Animation of Serial and Parallel Connections of Resistances PDF
Nigmet Koklu, Dundar Yener, Hamdi Sukur Kilic
Simulation of Wheatstone Bridge for Measurement of Resistances PDF
Nigmet Koklu, Dundar Yener, Hamdi Sukur Kilic

Case Study

Laser Scanning and Photogrammetric Evaluation of Uzuncaburç Monumental Entrance PDF
Ali Ulvi, Murat Yakar, Ahmet Suat Toprak, Omer Mutluoglu

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