Vol 3, No 3 (2015)

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Research Article

Deadbeat State Space Control of Spinning Satellite PDF
Ezzeddin M. Elarbi, Saad Mehemed Issa
Active Set Size Effects at HSUPA in WCDMA Systems PDF
İsmet Çağdaş Soy, Aysel Şafak, Hande Bakiler
Dispersion Under Iteration of Strongly Mixing Transformations on Metric Spaces PDF
Hana Fatkić, Abe Sklar, Huse Fatkić
Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Control by Using the Extracted Model from Signal Flow Graph Method PDF
Leila Mohammadian, Ebrahim Babaei, Mohammad Bagher Bannae Sharifian
System of recognition of an accessory of persons to racial and an ethnic group on the basis of photographs PDF
Tofiq Kazimov, Shafagat Jabrail Mahmudova, Tugrul Aktas
Stabilizing the End-effector of a Mobile Manipulator Using Kinematics Modeling PDF
Ahmed K. El-Shenawy, Alaa Faisal, Ezz El-Din Zakzouk
Development of an OPC and PLC Based Remote-Access Laboratory: A Synchronous Motor Control Experiment PDF
Seyfettin Vadi
Simulative Extraction and Performance investigation of Improved Compensated DFB Laser for an IM-DD SCM Optical Link PDF
GAUSIA QAZI, Ajay K Sharma, NAJEEB UD DIN Hakim, Moin ud Din
Design and Implementation of a Real-time Sleep Stage Monitoring System for Narcolepsy Diagnosis PDF
Fadi Sami Kamal Naguib Ayad
Automatic System for Classification of Precipitation Cells PDF
azzaz nafissa, Haddad Boualem
It's all about me! The Influence of Personality on Susceptibility to Mobile Security Attacks PDF
Rasha Salah El-Din Ibrahim
Improvement of Solution Problems of Matrix Equations Calculated by Computers PDF
Levent Civcik, Cevdet Çetin, Haydar Bulgak
The Design and Application of Online Exam System Supported by Database PDF
Sakir TASDEMIR, Mehmet Balcı, Ayse Cabi, Mustafa Altin, Osman Cabi
Classification Performance of the Different Stemming Methods PDF
Mehmet Balcı, Rıdvan Saraçoğlu, Şakir Taşdemir, Adem Gölcük
A Scalable and Reliable OSS/BSS for User Migration in IMS PDF
Sven Pärand, Andres Kirikal
Influence of Solidity on Vertical Axis Wind Turbines PDF
M. Teresa Parra-Santos, Cristobal N. Uzarraga, Armando Gallegos, Francisco Castro
An Investigation of Shorting Pin Effects on Circular Disc Microstrip Antennas PDF

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